Application: Server Admin


My Name is Kriesi and I design and develop WordPress Themes on Themeforest. Along with my current team, I try to offer the best support possible for our customers. Since the business is running well we got a vacant position for a Server Admin.

Job Details

First of all: this is a fulltime freelance gig. You can choose when and where to work from, but the time exposure should be similar to a 9-5 Job.

You will set up and manage one, or multiple, WordPress Multisite installations on Amazon AWS or a similar Cloud Service (input always welcome). Setting up a full stack should be easy for. This means you need knowledge of Nginx, PHP-FPM and HHVM.

Most of your time will be spent to optimise those installations, connect them with domains, set up load balancing etc etc – Basically everything that is necessary to make those installations perform perfectly, even if we send high traffic volumes to the server 😉

Being comfortable with PHP and WordPress is a big bonus as well since it allows us to expand your tasks during times were the server is running fine and no updates or improvements are scheduled.

Your Skills

  • You are comfortable to set up a WordPress Multisite installation on a cloud service like Amazons.
  • You know how to host WordPress on Nginx, with PHP-FPM  and HHVM
  • Load Balancing does not scare you
  • Redis Caching is easy for you
  • Bonus: You are good with PHP
  • Bonus: You have in-depth knowledge on hosting WordPress


Yes it’s a paid gig, after all you need to feed your Guinea Pig and pay your rent, I guess? If you apply, make sure to let me know your expected monthly salary  inUS Dollar ($) or Euro (€). Just remember, I’m looking for the equivalent of a full-time employee’s hours and you can work from anywhere 😉

You will receive payment at the 1st of each Month via Bank transfer after sending me an invoice for the last month.

If you want to apply please use the form below. Be sure to include:

  • Your expected monthly salary in US Dollar ($) or Euro (€)
  • When will you be able to start the job?
  • Details of your experience with WordPress
  • Links to your personal site, blog, portfolio, etc
  • Previous Jobs/Workpieces/Experience?
  • Why you are the best guy/gal for this job
  • Optional personal Information: Age, where do you live (Time Zone?), breakfast habbits, dog or cat person, etc? 🙂
  • Your Twitter, Dribbble, Github Account, in case you have one 🙂