Application: Photographer


My Name is Kriesi and I design and develop WordPress Themes on Themeforest. Along with my current team, I try to offer the best support possible for our customers. Since the business is running well we need someone who is able to provide us with high quality stock photography

Job Details

First of all: this is a project based freelance gig. Depending on your ability to organize different kind of photo shootings we would like to book you several times a month to shoot photos for our upcoming Enfold theme demos. (See existing demos here)

This means that if we are planning to set up a medical theme demo we might ask you to do a shooting at a dentist. Or if we want to create a theme demo for lawyers in an office. Or if we are creating a demo for an App developer studio in a shared office or startup.

You get the gist: Beside being able to create beautiful pictures you also need to be able to either stage a multitude of setups or be able to organize shootings in various places with consent of the owners.

I probably don’t need to mention that you should be good with image post production as well 😉

Your Skills

  • You are a highly skilled photographer
  • You are able to organize very different kind of set ups and models at good rates
  • You got an interesting portfolio that allows us to take a look at your previous work
  • You are good with image post production


Yes it’s a paid gig, after all you need to feed your goldfish and pay your rent, I guess? If you apply, make sure to let me know your hourly rate inUS Dollar ($) or Euro (€). If you could tell me the total cost of previous shootings along with the result that would be great as well, so I got a clue on how much an actual shooting might cost me

You will receive payment after each shooting via Bank transfer after sending me an invoice.

If you want to apply please use the form below. Be sure to include:

  • Your hourly rate in US Dollar ($) or Euro (€)
  • If possible the cost of previous shootings you have done (including models, rent for the place, etc so I get a clue on what to expect for a full shooting)
  • Links to your personal site, blog, portfolio, etc
  • Previous Jobs/Workpieces/Experience?
  • Why you are the best guy/gal for this job
  • Optional personal Information: Age, where do you live (Time Zone?), breakfast habbits, dog or cat person, etc? 🙂
  • Your Twitter, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, etc Account, in case you have one 🙂